KDP’s hold kidnappers from Mexmûr‎ with ISIS mercenaries in Erbil Prison

The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) has kidnapped 20 civilians from the Maxmur Refugee Camp  in  Başûr Kurdistan since last October 11, and according to the Member of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Ishtar Council, Laila Arzo Ayhan, the kidnapped were locked up with ISIS mercenaries in a prison in Erbil (Hewler).

The camp houses about 12 thousand people from Bakur Kurdistan who fled from the crimes of the Turkish authorities in the nineties of the last century, and the camp is affiliated with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, which has not yet taken any position on the blockade imposed by the KDP authorities, and did not provide aid since 2015.

In conjunction with the arrest campaign launched by the Kurdistan Democratic Party against activists, media professionals and academicians in Başûr, who demonstrated to condemn the Turkish attacks on the region, the party’s authorities kidnapped 20 people from the camp on October 11th.

Despite the constant demands of the Council of Maxmur Refugee Camp  for civil institutions, the United Nations and the International Red Crescent to release the kidnapped persons, the authorities of the Kurdistan Democratic Party have not released them yet.

Locking up the kidnappers with ISIS mercenaries!

In this context, Member of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Ishtar Council, Laila Arzo Ayhan, “the Women’s Council” in Rüstem Cudi (Maxmur) Refugee Camp  confirmed that the Kurdistan Democratic Party had locked up the residents of Maxmûr camp with ISIS detainees in Hewlêr prison.

Laila indicated that as a result of pressure on the Başûr government, 4 kidnapped people were released 5 days ago, but they were subjected to physical and psychological violence, especially as a result of their presence with ISIS mercenaries in the same detention center.

Ayhan confirmed that putting young Kurdish men and women with ISIS mercenaries in the same prison is humiliating, and calls for condemnation, and the Democratic Party authorities called for the immediate release of the kidnapped because they did not commit any crime.

Ayhan pointed out that the relations and agreements concluded between the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Turkish occupation state greatly affect the people of Maxmur, who were displaced as a result of the injustice and genocide committed by the Turkish authorities against them in the 1990s.

She believes that what the Democratic Party is practicing against the people and society in Başûr is a version of the practices of the Turkish Justice and Development Party against the Kurdish people in Bakur Kurdistan and Turkey.

It should be noted that ISIS mercenaries launched a violent attack on the camp in August 2014, in conjunction with their attack on Şengal district, and committed genocide massacres against the Yazidis, but the people of Maxmur showed resistance and repelled ISIS attacks.

On the other hand, the Peshmerga forces of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Iraqi forces fled from the vicinity of the camp, but the people formed Self-Defense Forces, defended it for three consecutive days, defeated ISIS attacks and prevented it from reaching the city of Hewlêr.

The people of Maxmur camp ask: What do our sons and daughters do in the prisons where ISIS mercenaries are present?