1th Article: Introduction
Kurdish Center for Human Rights was established in Geneva, according to the 60th article of civil constitution.

2nd Article: Duration
The institution was established for indefinite work.

3rd Article: Aims
The aims of the institution are as follows:

  • To inform the European and Swiss people of the violations of human rights from Kurdish regions.
  • To inform and to be in dialog with NGO`s, civil movements, associations, government- and civil institutions.
  • In order to implement the rights of Kurdish individuals and people, preparing of projects.
  • To inform about the human rights violations against the Kurds via seminars and other dialogue platforms.
  • To inform the United Nation Human Rights Commission and to attend their meetings.
  • In order to develop and protect the Kurdish culture organizing different types of activities.
  • To implement the requirements for the sake of integration of the Kurdish community in Geneva.

4th Article Members
Any individual or institution that accepts the regulations and aims of our institution may become a member. Any member can be elected also as the honorary member in case of approval from the management of our Institution.

5th Article Sections
The sections of the institution are as follows:

-The General Assembly
-Administrative Board

6th Article General Assembly
The general assembly is organized by the administrative board with all the members, at least once a year.

The General Assembly:
-Elects the Administrative Board and two persons that revise the finance.
-Makes decisions regarding the activities of the Institution.
-Accepts the annual budget and financial work.

1 of 5 members of the Administrative Board can ask the general assembly to convene.

7th Article Administrative Board
At least 3 people can become members of the Administrative Board and they are completely responsible for organizing the work of the Association. One of these members is responsible for the financial work of the Institution.

8th Article Book keepers
General Assembly elects 2 book keepers for the accounting work. Book keepers can`t take place in the Administrative Board.

9th Article Incomes
Incomes of the Institution:

-Subscriptions from members

The Administrative Board is responsible for the economic assets of the institution

10th Article Social activities
Social activities are integrated with the year. General Assembly can change the regulations of the institution with the majority of 3/2 votes.

11th Article Dissolution

The General Assembly can dissolve with the majority of 3/2 of the members. When dissolution is on the agenda all the financial sources or assets will go to another institution with similar goals and aims.