181 unidentified bodies in Malatya

There are a total of 181 bodies who have been buried in the cemetery of the nameless in Malatya after being held in the Malatya Forensic Medicine Institution, which is one of the centers that bodies of persons who lose their lives in clashes in Kurdistan are taken to.

There are 10 bodies in the MFM that have lost bodily integrity completely, awaiting identification by their families. 71 bodies have been buried in the Asri Cemetery and 100 in the cemetery of the nameless while DNA testing continues for their identification.

The bodies brought to Malatya belong to persons who lost their lives in clashes in the rural areas of Dersim, Bingol, Malatya, Sivas, Elazig, Mus, Adiyaman and Maras.

These persons have lost their lives mostly in bombings by jets and unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAVs), and have lost bodily integrity for the most part.

The families are having a hard time identifying the bodies of their relatives because the bodies have no bodily integrity. The families who appeal to the prosecutor’s office are shown photographs, and they submit DNA samples even if they identify a body from a photograph, and are made to wait for the results.

Families who identify a body and have a DNA match appeal to city and district municipalities, but they are not given funeral vehicles.

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