Lawyer Abdullah Ocalan: Imrali system must be eliminated

Lawyer Ozgur Fayek Arul, “the attorney of the leader Ocalan,” explained that the Imrali prison system was built on conditions for imposing isolation, and now during every political and legal event in Turkey this question is raised, “How will this situation affect Imrali?” He stressed the need to abolish this system for Imrali. Any way.

Ozgur Fayek Arul called on the International Committee against Torture and the European Court of Human Rights to clarify their position on the isolation imposed on Imrali, and Arul said: “The current situation is unacceptable” and indicated that it is not possible to talk about a democratic system with a prison like Imrali prison and its inhuman conditions.

In this regard, lawyer Ozgur Fayek Arul, who is a member of the Era of Rights Office, assessed the ongoing lawlessness situation for more than 21 years against Commander Abdullah Ocalan in Imrali, and its international effects, during exclusive meeting with our agency ANHA, which came as follows:

* The international conspiracy has been imposing since 21 years. What are the goals of that conspiracy and what are the human rights developments that it produced?

Just as the twentieth century was known for its dynamic and creative developments, it witnessed destructive developments in history as well, as it witnessed the most conspiring international practices. In this century and 21 years ago, a conspiracy occurred in nearly three continents against Ocalan, planned and implemented by the United States, but we should not forget that Britain Germany, the Netherlands, Greece, Russia and many other European countries participated in the plot unconditionally, closing the borders, preventing entry and exit, and forcing Mr. Ocalan to cross into Kenya.

Greece did not accept or reject the asylum request!

This position led to two clear results: The first is that all political identities and roles were on one side, and they agreed to put Mr. Ocalan’s life in danger and take away his freedom. In the period before the kidnapping, a letter was sent by Mr. Ocalan to government officials, requesting asylum not as a political refugee. But as a human and vital right, and he asked them whether they would accept this request or not, but Greece did not accept or reject his asylum request, because it realizes that if it does so, it will have to provide legal protection for him.

According to the Dublin agreement, Greece was required to extradite Mr. Ocalan to Italy, the country in which he originally applied for asylum, and the international legal procedures were in this way. Greece rejected the request, and Mr. Ocalan suspended and was forced to go to Kenya and in which the plot took place and was transferred to Imrali (It turns out that there is a written request in the administrative records and there is currently a lawsuit pending against Greece at DMME on this matter).

The second result of the conspiracy is the elimination of political controversy and the foundations of the solution based on dialogue on the Kurdish issue, considering that the presence of Mr. Ocalan in Europe will have a positive impact on that. We can say that this policy of international powers was due to the opposing positions of the Kurds and the Turks in the Middle East, and they wanted this conflict to continue between them.

* How do you evaluate the non-human rights practices in Imrali during the past 21 years, and why do you practice these policies?
21 years in Imrali as a system built under conditions of harsh isolation, and because of its continuity and discipline, it is said that Imrali has a system of isolation, and that the security and administrative practices that are applied in Imrali are known throughout Turkey as a management technique, and we always say that this matter has two sides:

First: Any political or human rights development in Turkey is passed on from the filter “How will this affect Imrali?”, For example, the amnesty that is issued to students, and when the executions of detainees were reviewed again, they were retried according to the decisions of DMME, etc.

Second, after a period of suspension of the law in Imrali, they began to expand it against the entire community, and the ban on attorneys and interview recording are examples of this, and most importantly is the basis of the form of law and administration that explains in detail the prohibitions imposed on society in the isolation system of Imrali.

‘Without a doubt, it is inhumane treatment.’
In this system, the ban on meeting with lawyers and the family is, in general, the most unfair and unfair phase of the isolation system in Imrali, and without a doubt the isolation system has existed since 1999, and it can be said that it has become a law there, but since April 2015, visits to Imrali Island have been banned, and even The lowest communication methods are linked to emergency situations, for example there were only two cases of communication in 2020 (the first due to the fire that broke out on the Imrali island and the second due to the Corona pandemic).

Times since 1999, and committee officials were present in Turkey between 11-25 January / on various visits, but as you indicated in your statement, the committee did not visit Leader Abdullah Ocalan How do you assess this proximity?


This treatment is inhuman and a violation of the prohibition of torture, and falls within the scope of the intervention of the European Committee against Torture, and in fact the European Committee Against Torture spoke about the status of Imrali in its report for the year 2019, and the results that the Committee talked about in this report were important; It was noted that the arguments presented as grounds for isolation were not taken seriously.

During 14 days, the committee conducted a series of visits to prisons and established official relations, but Imrali was not among the places visited, as officials of the Committee Against Torture indicated, many times, in statements that their tasks are specific, and as an institution affiliated with the Council of Europe we do not think that they were done Submit a request to the Committee against Torture that goes beyond its mandate.

In fact, we are going back to the way European countries participated in the conspiracy stage, and we cannot say that the European Committee Against Torture and the DMME as European institutions are quite far from this political practice.

As European institutions are quite far from this political practice.

‘If you do not accept, you must work legally.’

These institutions are expected to enforce their laws! Turkey is now a member of the Council of Europe and has a prison within the borders of the Council of Europe in which lawyers have not been allowed to visit it for 9 years, and all media are suspended for months and years, and travel is prohibited, do you accept this? If you accept a Imrali system, you must formally accept it, you have to make your decision and reveal it to the global public opinion, but if you do not accept, then you must work legally, you say that you do not accept the existence of this system, and here we can say that Greece’s position on the asylum request is continued under conditions of Imrali prison.

‘The Committee against Torture decided not to visit Imrali

In this way, we can see the value and meaning of the Committee Against Torture when it visited Turkey and did not visit Imrali, we do not demand that the committee be linked only to Imrali, but it knows that the relationship with Imrali has been prevented since April 2020, and a year ago it was not allowed to visit a lawyer or a family visit or a civil body to Imrali Island.

In this situation, the Committee against Torture is the only one able to meet with our clients, talk to them and learn about their conditions, however, the committee preferred not to visit Imrali.

How does the international community view the human rights violations against your client?
We had previously referred to the international community through its policies during the international conspiracy, and through its position on the strict isolation imposed on Mr. Ocalan, as it is not only formed from institutions and organizations linked to states.

Also, the international arena for independent peoples, societies, organizations and societies is completely different from the existing relations and contradictions between states. We notice that the relationship with Ocalan in this arena is spread widely, and this represents for us a great value and meaning, and we know that our client thinks in the same way, we connect messages to our office that always bear witness to this in international forums.

In 2020 there was an important initiative launched for freedom by the British Workers Union, honorary citizenship in Italian municipal councils, the message of African judges to the United Nations and other examples, as we noted, during the military attack on NE, Syria in 2019, popular attitudes were influential in the international arena.

Would you like to add anything else?

Lifting isolation tops our list of goals, and it is the focus of all our human rights activities, but we cannot link the lifting of isolation to some meetings with family and lawyers, and we cannot say that if this happens will mean an end to isolation, the basis is that an Imrali system is an unbearable system, and the existence of such a system, and imprisonment in this way, it cannot be accepted in a democratic system. We clearly see that the alternative to isolation is to improve the health conditions and factors of our client’s freedom, and this is what we will always demand.