SOHR: Turkish border guards killed 460 Syrian civilians

Reporting about Turkish border guards’ violations, SOHR said that over 460 civilians killed since the start of the Syrian conflict, nearly one third are children and women.

“At a time when Turkey’s role in the “de-escalation zone” was supposed to be monitoring the implementation of the ceasefire and the return of displaced people to their areas, as Turkey a “guarantor” of the Turkish-Russian agreements, Turkish forces have done nothing to save civilians in the area extending from the north-eastern Latakia mountains, to the north-western suburbs of Aleppo, passing through rural Hama and Idlib. On the contrary, they withdrew from their observation posts after these posts became in the Syrian regime-controlled areas”, reported the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) on Saturday.

On the other hand, Turkish border guards killed Syrian civilians fleeing the horror of war and who tried to illegally enter Turkish territory, seeking a safe haven, SOHR said.

In 2020, SOHR documented the death of 19 civilians who were killed by Turkish border guards, including five children and a woman.

According to SOHR statistics, “the number of Syrian civilians who have been killed by the Turkish Jandarma since the beginning of the Syrian Revolution, has risen to 460 including 82 children under the age of eighteen and 44 females over the age of eighteen”.