Turkey: 31 women murdered in July, 245 in the first 7 months

The ‘Stop Femicide Platform’ regularly researches women’s murders in Turkey. According to the most recent report presented by the Platform, 31 women were murdered in Turkey in the month of July. Of these, 16 were shot dead with firearm, 5 stabbed, 1 strangled and 3 beaten to death. While a woman fell to death from high “in a suspicious way”, the cause of death is unclear in the cases of 5 women.

The report highlights the lack of legal prosecution of the offenders: “Unless it is clarified who killed the women and why, unless a fair trial takes place and the killers receive convincing punishments, and unless preventive measures are taken, the violence continues at different levels.”

Since the beginning of the year, at least 245 women have been murdered, according to the platform. These included 40 women killed in June, 37 in May, 36 in April, 27 in March, 31 in February and 43 in January.

In 2018, women’s killings in Turkey amounted to 440, which was recorded as 409 in 2017.