2,410 violations of rights recorded in Van 2020

IHD Van Branch announced that there were 2,410 violations of rights registered in the city in 2020. IHD branch head Murat Melet stated that the Imrali isolation should be lifted immediately.

Human Rights Association (IHD) Van Branch announced its 2020 Report on Violations of Rights at the association building. Explaining the report, IHD Branch Chair Murat Melet drew attention to the hunger strike action launched by prisoners against the isolation imposed on Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Stating that thousands of prisoners participate in the action and their demands should be met, Melet said: “One of the reasons why people go on hunger strike is the isolation on Mr. Öcalan. This is not just a problem of the prisoners; it is a problem of all society in Turkey. We make the same call. In order to resolve all the problems in Turkey and Kurdish issue in particular, by peaceful means, Mr Öcalan’s isolation must first be removed as soon as possible.”


Melet also called on Justice Minister Abdulhamit Gül to end the violations in prisons. Asking the Van Governorship to lift the ban on actions and activities in the city that has continued for 1,515 days, Melet shared the details in the report.

Stating that there have been 2,410 violations of rights in the Van city in the last year, Melet said, “Unlawful trials and permanent prohibitions have been the most significant state of emergency practices of 2020.”


The rights violations in the report were listed as follows:
* Those killed and injured by security forces: 2 people lost their lives; 5 people were injured.
* Suspected police and soldier deaths: 1
* Conflicts: 4 security guards lost their lives, 2 people were injured
* Armed militant: 22 people died
* Civilians: 2 people lost their lives, 8 people were injured
* Administratot / member of political party, union and association attacked: 1 (HDP)
* Journalist: 1 (Ruşen Takva targeted)
* Asylum seekers and migrants who lost their lives: 83 people lost their lives, 81 were injured
* Deaths and injuries in border areas: 12 people died, 9 people were injured
* Referral practices, violation of the right to health, denial of family visit, access to lawyer and rights such communication, isolation and other violations in prisons: 87

Suspicious deaths
* Women: 13
* Men: 1
* Men who committed suicide: 9
* Women who committed suicide: 2
* Attempted suicide: 2
* Women subjected to domestic violence: 7
* Women subjected to violence in social sphere: 9

* Injured / Violence: 5
* Harassment: 1
* Children exposed to social violence: 7

* Children subjected to domestic violence: 1
* Torture and ill-treatment in custody: 9
* Torture and ill-treatment outside of detention places: 5
* Kidnapping and spying threat: 3
* Torture and ill treatment of private security officers: 3
* Threatened: 5

* Detained: 325 (2 of them children)
* Arrested: 60
* Home raids: 206
* Detained asylum seekers and immigrants: 1267

* Violations of freedom of thought and expression: 57
* Violations of freedom of association: 2
* Violations of freedom of assembly and demonstration: 5
* Occupational accidents: 28 people died, 8 were injured
* Dismissed: 8
* Penalties given: 20
* Discrimination / exclusion in recruitment and employment: 2
* Violation of the right to health: 2
* Violation of the right to benefit from public services: 2.