5 youths from Rojava tortured by Turkish soldiers

Turkish soldiers deployed at the border to Rojava, West Kurdistan, continue committing cruelty against the civilians crossing the border, where 4 people have been killed during the past 4 weeks.

According to a report by Hawar News Agency (ANHA), 5 youths of Arab origin were tortured by Turkish soldiers who caught them while attempting to cross the border from Serekaniyê city of Cizîrê Canton into North Kurdistan last night.

Elî İbrahîm Husên (17), Umer Xidir (30), Hemadî Ebdulrezaq (19), Îsa Ebduletîf (17) and Ehmed Casim (16), from Til Xelef town of Serêkaniyê, were brutally battered by Turkish soldiers with chains and wooden sticks. The attack left the youths severely injured.

Soldiers also seized the phones of the youths and burnt the money, identity cards and all other belongings of theirs.

As a consequence of the hostile attitude of Turkish soldiers and government against the Rojava people, hundreds of civilians have been killed at the border and in their own lands, even while grazing their animals.

The report also stated that 32 youths in Efrîn region have been detained by Turkish soldiers while attempting to cross the border for the last several days, adding that the arrested youths haven’t been heard from yet.

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