Diyadin Municipality Co-Mayor Betül Yaşar sent to prison

Diyadin Municipality HDP co-mayor Betül Yaşar, who was dismissed by order of the AKP-MHP government, was eventually sent to prison. Yaşar, was detained by the police in the context of the political genocide operation carried out against the party.

The house of Peoples Democratic Party (HDP) Diyadin Municipality co-mayor Betül Yaşar was raided by police and the co-mayor taken into custody. After a long search Yaşar was detained and taken to the District Police Department.

Co-Mayor Betül Yaşar, who was taken into custody after a raid on her house on her morning and taken to Ağrı Provincial Police Department, was sent to the prosecutor’s office after giving her statement. Yaşar, was eventually sent to prison.

The police also raided the city hall. HDP Ağrı MP Abdullah Koç confirmed that the police broke into the city hall gate to carry out the search. No one was allowed in.