We Will Stop Femicide Platform: 246 women killed since January 2020

The male policies of the government led to violence and murder of many women this year in Turkey. According to the statistics of We Will Stop Femicide Platform, at least 246 women were murdered between January and October this year. Many women’s deaths were found suspicious.

JANUARY – In the first month of the year, 27 women in Turkey and North Kurdistan were killed, and the death of seven women were labelled as suspicious. Five of the women were murdered as they wanted to divorce, refused to ‘reconcile’ or refused their partners request. The ‘reason’ for the murder of 22 women could not be established. While 18 of the women were murdered in their houses, more than half of the murders were committed with firearms.

FEBRUARY – The number of women murdered in February was 22: the death of 12 women was labelled as suspicious. It could not be established who murdered one of the woman. As for the others, 8 were murdered by their husband, 5 by a man they knew, 3 by their boyfriend, 3 by their son, 1 by her father, and 1 by the man she used to be with. In February, murders sites were mostly carried out at the victims’ houses.

MARCH – Men killed 29 more women in March. This is the month in which the coronavirus pandemic forced people to stay at home. The deaths of 9 women were labelled as suspicious. The number of women killed between March 11 and March 31, was 21. Again, most of the murders were committed with firearms and mostly at home.

APRIL – 20 women were killed by men in April. 20 more deaths are treated as suspicious. In the case of 14 women it could not established the ‘reason’ why they were killed. 2 of them were murdered for an economic reason, 4 on reasons of refusing the request for ‘reconciliation’ and seeking divorce.

MAY – While men killed 21 women in May, while 18 deaths were labelled as suspicious. Again, women were mostly murdered in their homes and by people they knew. Five women were murdered in just one week in May.

JUNE– Women were slaughtered in June, when the coronavirus epidemic continued to spread. This month, 23 deaths were labelled as suspicious, while 27 women were killed by men. 14 women were killed while trying to make a decision about their lives.

JULY – The increase in femicide continued in July 2020. This month, 36 women were murdered by men, and 11 deaths could not be clarified. In July, 13 women were murdered while trying to make a decision about their lives.

AUGUST – It was stated that 16 women ‘committed suicide’ in August, while 27 women were murdered. Again, the deaths of 23 women were labelled as suspicious.

SEPTEMBER – In September, the debate about leaving the Istanbul Convention was closed by the struggle of women. Men killed 16 more women this month. The number of suspicious deaths was 20.

OCTOBER – The number of women killed in October was 21. Twelve of the women were murdered by men they knew in their homes. The deaths of 8 women have been labelled as suspicious.