Minor sentenced to 24 years in prison

While the court cases of genocides, slaughters and human rights abuses went on for more than 15 years without any results, people charged with “having connections with a terrorist organization” are detained and sent to prison within the same day.

The Turkish judiciary doesn’t hesitate in imposing extreme sentences on even children when it comes to “terror” which is generally the single concept used as the excuse of arrest of thousands in the last seven months.

Following 12,5 years imprisonment sentence given each of two people who were caught with molotov cocktail and fireworks in Van, charged with “providing arm to terror organization”, Adana Public Prosecutor asked 24 years in prison for two children under the age of 18 on grounds of throwing molotov cocktail to police.

In the scandalous accusation presented to court, the Prosecutor of Adana demanded 20 years on charges of “attempt to deliberate killing”, 3 years for “effective action targeting an officer with an arm” and one year for “insult”.

15-year-old children are remanded in custody since 18 November for throwing molotov cocktail to police at different dates.

The accusation was also supported by the report of Adana Forensic Medicine which reported that the children were “capable of perceiving the meaning and consequences of the crime committed”.

Adana Chief of Police, Mehmet Avci, defended on 15 November that molotov cocktail should be given a new name and place in anti-terror law, demanding permission to use arms against molotov cocktail.

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