Çevirmen : violation of rights in prisons increased

Nuray Çevirmen, a member of the Human Rights Association (IHD) council, drew attention to the violations of rights in prisons.

Noting that many prisoners are on a hunger strike, Çevirmen underlined that applications from the prisons to the IHD have dramatically increased. She said that there is a constant pressure on prisoners who are imposed standing counts and denied communication rights. Many hunger strikes have been launched in different prisons of Central Anatolia to protest these violations.

Çevirmen denounced that a prisoner in Osmaniye No. 2 T Closed Prison was left with a shrapnel in his foot and was not taken to the hospital. “Life in prisons gained a different dimension. No social events are unfortunately held, we received from example too many applications from Bolu recently.”

Prisoners in Bolu are not delivered the books they require and families with a bad financial situation have difficulties in sending parcels to prisoners. Again, they face many problems such as not giving letters like this, not making hospital referrals, not providing drugs.”