Womens died in Van, Izmir and Kilis

Ceyda Yüksel, who lived in Bornova, Izmir, was murdered in her house by a man named Serkan Dindar, in the Erciş district of Van. Another woman, P.A., died in suspicious circumstances.
68-year-old Syrian woman killed in Kilis by her son-in-law.

A woman named Ceyda Yüksel (21) was found dead in her house in Bornova, province of Izmir. Neighbours informed the police. Yüksel’s body was covered with glass wounds. Police detained a man named Serkan Dindar, who was found in the house.

Dindar was detained accused with “deliberate killing”.

Yüksel’s body was taken to the morgue of the Izmir Forensic Medicine Institute after the examination by the public prosecutor. The police investigation continues.

Suspicious death in Erciş

A woman named P.A. (37) was alleged to have committed suicide in the neighborough of Gölağzı where she lived.

It was learned that P.A., mother of 4, was found by family relatives. She was 2 months pregnant. P.A.’s body was taken to Erciş State Hospital for the autopsy.

It was learned that the Erciş Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation.

It has emerged that a 68-year-old Syrian woman, who had been declared missing by her family four days ago, was murdered by her son-in-law in Kilis.

Altue el-Hassan was apparently killed by her son-in-law who buried her in the basement of the apartment building in Atatürk district where the family lived.