Prisoner in Maraş Türkoğlu prison denounces beating and torture

Sedat Karak is held in Maraş Türkoğlu L Type Closed Prison. In a phone call with his family he denounced that him and four other prisoners were attacked by guards. Ill prisoner Tenzile Acar should be released, says her mother

Karak shared the following information: “30-40 guards entered the A-17 room where we stayed. The guards battered me, Veysi Altan, Servan Sertkaya, Orhan Doru and Ihsan Oran. There were fractures in my hand and in the head and feet of my friends. Although two friends sustained serious fractures, they were not taken to the hospital.”

Kara’s aunt, Üezş Karak, who spoke on the phone with her nephew, said his tone sounded bad. “Sedat said to me, ‘I’m glad I came to the phone and talked to you. Today they tortured us. My arm and my friends’ heads are broken. Denounce our situation here.” Karak called for people to be aware of what happened.

Prisoners on hunger strike have been attacked in Türkoğlu L Type Closed Prison before.

Tenzile Acar, a sick prisoner in Bakırköy prison, was diagnosed with tuberculosis. Her mother Rasmiye Acar stated that her daughter was “on the verge of death” and asked for her to be released immediately.

Tenzile Acar, 23, was arrested in Istanbul in 2017 and put in Bakırköy Women’s Closed Prison.

Acar, who is on the sick prisoners list of the Human Rights Association (IHD).

Acar reported that she was diagnosed with tuberculosis as a result of the tests performed after she was hospitalized due to the complaint of bleeding from his throat.

The sick prisoner stated that she had been diagnosed with tuberculosis in the phone call with her mother Rasmiye Acar.

Stating that her daughter was put in a cell alone after being hospitalized, Acar said, “My child is on the verge of death.”

Rasmiye Acar added: “I am addressing the authorities; release ill prisoners. Every person of conscience should do something for my daughter. Authorities should hear the painful screams of the mothers.”