UN special envoy for Syria plans to attend the next Astana meeting in Sochi

The United Nations envoy to Syria said that the fifth session of the so-called “Syrian Constitutional Committee” was disappointing, and that he planned to attend the Astana meeting between the three deals (Russia, Turkey and Iran) in Sochi.

On Tuesday, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Syria Geir Pedersen said that he intends to attend the Astana meeting, which is being held between the three deals in Syria (Russia, Turkey and Iran), to be held in the Russian resort of Sochi on the Black Sea on February 16 and 17, according to what Reported by the Russian agency TASS.

“Yes, if the coronavirus situation permits, my plan is to attend the next Astana meeting in Sochi,” Pedersen said in response to TASS ‘s question during a video conference.

According to the UN envoy, the fifth session of the Syrian Constitutional Committee brought disappointment and was a missed opportunity.

Pedersen said after a meeting of the UN Security Council on Syria, held behind closed doors earlier, “I have shared with the council the assessment that the committee members themselves shared, that the fifth session of the Constitutional Committee was a missed and disappointing opportunity.”

He added, “I discussed with the council what we can do to be able to create a situation in which we can change the current way the committee works.”

According to the UN envoy, “We do not have a plan of action for the future yet,” and Pedersen continued, “While one of the parties proposes to act as we did before, and the other seeks a complete change in the frequency, duration and schedule of meetings.”

He added, “I addressed the broader issues, and here my main point was the need for constructive international diplomacy on Syria, and I am more than ever convinced that without this, it is unlikely that any path – the constitutional track or any other path – will proceed forward.”