Al-Jazeera region camps’ advisor: 400 tents will be set up to settle refugees

Washo Kani Refugee Camp

The adviser of Al-Jazeera region’s camps has criticized, the ignoring of the United Nations from humanitarian obligations towards the displaced people from the region of Serêkaniyê and the province of Tel Abyad/ GIRÊ SPî occupied by Turkey.

“For his part, the governor of al-Hasakah does not approve the organizations’ papers to work inside the camp,” he said. These are exploiting our people according to their plans and political agendas.

The Turkish occupation attack on the north and east of Syria, which has been going on since the 9th of last October, targeted civilians, causing a large displacement as a result of the massacres committed by the occupation.

According to the report of the humanitarian organizations in the north of Syria, 478 civilians were killed and 1,070 injured, while more than 300 thousand civilians were displaced to the cities of northern Syria.

To accommodate the enormous number of forcibly displaced people, the Autonomous Administration has transformed schools into shelters for them. It also opened two camps, one in al-Hasakah canton, called Washo Kani camp, and another camp in the village of Tal al-Saman, in Ain Issa district.

Washo Kani camp has an area of 670 dunums and is currently home to 370 families or 1,800 people. There is a daily influx of internally displaced persons from Serêkaniyê, its villages and towns.

The families are distributed to the tents with the help of the Kurdish Red Crescent after the provision of primary services to them, according to the camp management accommodates 2,660 families.

The camp’s adviser, Rojhat Ali, explained that in the next two days, some 400 more tents will be set up to accommodate the newly displaced.

“The United Nations did nothing to establish this camp, where it is supposed to be built by UN and establishing infrastructure, but despite many meetings between us, they are trying to get closer politically, so they didn’t give anything. “

“All the organizations that provide services in the camp view it as a secondary job, not just a permanent one, to raise to their management that they are providing assistance to the displaced, so no organization has opened an office inside the camp. “.

The camp adviser appealed to international organizations to open their centers inside the camp and build the camp and take over the camp management, especially the UN, as the displaced need of assistance.