Afrin Displaced: Turkish state deliberately attacked women in occupied Afrin

The displaced from Afrin, living in al-Shahba canton, condemned the silence of the humanitarian organizations towards the people of Afrin and said, “The Turkish state is deliberately attacking women.”

The crimes of the fascist Turkish state are repeated in Afrin, especially against women, most of whom are minors, especially in recent times when the forced displacement from Afrin to al-Shahba canton has increased as a result of the pressure exerted by the fascist Turkish state on women.

According to the human rights organization Afrin – Syria, more than 1,000 women have been kidnapped, most of them are minor girls, and more than (400) women, whose fate is unknown, have been killed, and more than (65) women have been killed in addition to (4) suicides.

More than (65) women were raped, in addition to the wounding of more than (213) women, in the areas occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries from January 20 2018 to August 2020.

In the context, citizen Hassan Qara Ali said, “The fascist Turkish state is carrying out many violations against our women in Afrin, such as kidnapping, murder, rape and arrest in order to harm them and take revenge on them, because Kurdish women have shown tremendous resistance to eliminate ISIS.”

Qara Ali condemned the silence of human rights and humanitarian organizations and called them to fulfill their humanitarian and moral duty.

For her part, the citizen Zulukh Omar said that the fascist Turkish state occupied Afrin and deliberately committed violations against women, such as murder and kidnapping. Even minor’s women were no safe from criminal acts.

Zulukh called on humanitarian and international organizations and asked them to break their silence and bear their duties towards the people, saying, “The organizations see and hear what is happening in Afrin and turn a blind eye, so they must put an end to them.”

As for the citizen, Elif Muhammad, she said, “We were displaced from Afrin because of the brutal attacks of the Turkish occupation and the failure to fulfill the aspirations of the Turkish state to erase the existence of Kurdish women and impose power on them. We will resist against all their practices.