Jurists: The Turkish state does not observe legal principles

Afrin region’s jurists asserted that the Turkish state does not take into consideration the legal principles against the detainees, and that it “tries to lay false accusations against anyone who obstructs its dirty policy in order to hide its criminal arena from view.”

In order to demand a fair trial, the Turkish authorities imprisoned her last February and sentenced her to 13 and a half years in prison. Several human rights reports revealed that lawyer Erbo Timtek was subjected to torture like the rest of the kidnapped in the prisons of the fascist Turkish state.

Turkey intends to direct flimsy accusations against everyone who interferes with its dirty policy. It is taking the path of political accusations to banish everyone trying to show the criminal Ottoman face and expose it in front of the world.

In this context, the lawyers of Afrin region spoke to our agency (Hawar), where the jurist Imad Dawood said: “I commemorate the martyr Erbo Timtek who was martyred in the prisons of the tyrant Erdogan, defended the right, democracy and human values, rejected injustice and tyranny and rejected acts contrary to legal values ​​and the annihilation of free thought. Her character has been targeted, arrested and charged with false charges.

Dawood continued by saying: “The trial of the Turkish state does not take into account the legal principles, whether the right to self-defense or otherwise. After the verdict was issued, her conviction was not proven with sufficient evidence, so she and many comrades of her in prison showed the resistance of hunger strike, then she promoted to the rank of martyrdom. In addition, many people are resisting within the prison, especially the leader Abdullah Ocalan.”

Dawood called on institutions concerned with human law, especially the European Human Rights Organization to urgently intervene to find out the situation of prisoners, the methods of torture and unfair trials they are subjected to, and to clarify their status so that the minimum rights are observed in the public trial.

Dawood condemned those policies pursued by the Turkish state against detainees, “Human Rights Organizations must stand up to their historic responsibilities, and lift the isolation on detainees in general and political and human rights detainees in particular.”

For her part, lawyer Hewler Jaafo said: “We, the lawyers living in al-Shahba canton, denounce the violence and the capitalist power exercised by the Turkish state over women. We will always search for the right of women and preserve their rights in life.”

Hewler added: “We all see Hewler continued her speech saying: “The lawyer Erbo Timtek who was arrested in Turkish prisons went on a hunger strike for 238 days in prison, lost 43 kg and was exposed to a health problem that led to her death.”

lawyers being unlawfully detained in the prisons of the Turkish authorities, and every day the Turkish state’s brutality on lawyers, arresting them and practicing torture against them increases, especially women who go on a hunger strike within unlimited resistance, but in the end, the strike leads to their martyrdom.”

Hewler concluded her speech by saying: “We, jurists, such as Erbo Timtek, will protect women’s rights, be responsible for their rights, and follow in the footsteps of Ebro Timtek because protecting women’s rights is a duty for all of us.”