Call for international action against Turkish attacks on NE Syria

Manbij Civil Administration Executive Council Co-chair Mihemed Xêr Şêxo called on the international community to take action against the attacks of the occupying Turkish state against civilians.

The invading Turkish state and its gangs, which continue their attacks on the Northern and Eastern Syrian regions by violating ceasefire agreements, are constantly targeting civilians.

The occupying Turkish state has been attacking Ain Issa intensively in recent weeks. As the attacks jeopardize thousands of civilians, the gangs affiliated with the Turkish state have recently tried to infiltrate Ain Issa. This attempt was thwarted by the SDF fighters and many mercenaries were killed.


 “The Turkish state is attacking the region of Ain Issa and targeting civilians in front of the Russian forces and the world. Until when will the international community remain silent on these attacks?” said Mihemed Xêr Şêxo condemning the attacks of the invading Turkish state.


Noting that the Turkish state is trying to hide its failures through the attacks, Mihemed Xêr Şêxo continued, “The Turkish state planned to invade some regions but failed. Therefore, it attacks the areas where civilians are located. Turkey seeks an opportunity after the US elections and tries to fulfill its aims in Northern and Eastern Syria.”


Noting that the Turkish state attacked the North-East Syrian territories by using border security as a pretext and later annexed these regions and did not leave the regions, said Mihemed Xêr Şêxo and added, “We call on the international community and human rights organizations to stand against the attacks of the invading Turkish state.”