HRO in Afrin : Demographic change continues

The Human Rights Organization for Afrin region has documented a series of crimes and violations by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries against the people of Afrin, and called on the international community end the crimes of the Turkish occupation.

The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries continue to commit crimes against the people of Afrin in order to force them to displace and thus change the demography of the region.

In the context, the HRO-Afrin region monitored a series of crimes this month, according to the organization’s spokesman Ibrahim Sheikho.

Murder cases in unknown circumstances

Sheikho confirmed that on 6-8-2020 a horrific crime was committed against the 14-year-old Bakr Fouad from the village of Deir Sawan in the Shera district, Afrin canton, as well as the 23-year-old citizen Kolah Faraj, where her body was found in the bushes of a village. Deir Sawan, close to the Turkish border, and showed signs of torture, without knowing the motives behind the crime.

Arrests and kidnappings are a mercenary policy to make money

Sheikho said that the Turkish intelligence, in coordination with the militants of the Faylaq Al-Sham kidnapped on 8-8-2020 three elderly citizens of the village of Shadira in the Sherawa district, they are Muhammad Alu Brimo, nicknamed, Hajj Bukho and his wife Fikret, who is 60 years old, and the citizen Rashid Muhammad Seydo, 65, whose fate remains unknown until now.

“On the date of 8/11/2020, the so-called ” Military Police ” of the Turkish occupation raided the village of Brimjeh in the Maabatli district and arrested Nuri Mustafa Bakr, 65, Asad Khalil Murad, 60, Sheikh Abdo Oso, 65, and Faik Sabri. Musa, 35, and Abdo Khalil Abbas, 70, on charges of dealing with the Autonomous Administration in the past. They were taken to the city center of Afrin, and their relatives were asked to pay a ransom of 210,000 Syrian pounds.

Sheikho also noted the continuation of the policy of demographic change, as the Turkish occupation, in coordination with the local councils undertook to build a religious school on the ruins of the Yazidi Union Center, and laid the foundation stone on the day of the sixth anniversary of the genocide against the people of Shingal in 2014, and also participates in the project All of them, Sheikh Abdullah Al-Nouri Al-Kuwaiti, in coordination with the so-called White Hands Organization.

The mercenaries of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror in the village of Brimjama destroyed the Sheikh Muhammad shrine in search for the artifacts and treasures. “

Sheikho called on the international community to put an end to the violations and crimes of the Turkish occupation against the people of Afrin.