Letter from the United Kurdish Women’s Platform to the UN

United Kurdish Women’s Platform have sent a letter to UN and the political parties regarding the interventions of Turkey to the region and their territorial integrity and the policies they aim to develop amongst the Kurdish.

United Kurdish Women’s Platform have sent letters to the political parties of Kurdistan and Turkey and United Nations (UN) regarding the interventions of Turkey and İran to Iraq and Syria.Women’s Platform stated that their aim is to contribute to the peace and dialogue between Kurds.    

Stating that it is not possible for them to accept the current war situation, the Women’s Platform stressed that they would continue their calls.   Following call was made at the letter emphasizing that women and children are the biggest victims of conflict environments:

We, Kurdish women, never see this situation as ‘fate’.. We want to have a say in the political developments that are carried out on our behalf and which affect us. In particular, we want to say ‘stop’ to the policies of violence that wanted to be developed amongst the Kurdish people. We believe that the Kurdish people’s struggle for democracy and national rights will only be successful through dialogue and peaceful politics among Kurds. In this context, we call on all Kurdish political actors to listen to our call. As Kurdish women, we will often repeat these calls in order to improve the dialogue.”