The dam that swallows villages advances to Hasankeyf

While it is stated that Ilısu Dam pond has reached 40 kilometers, at least 20 villages have been flooded at the Tigris and Botan valleys. Historic Hasankeyf is expected to be flooded by December.

Due to the Ilısu Dam, 199 settlements in Siirt, Mardin, Şırnak and Batman will flood. While the retention continues despite reactions, at least 20 villages have been flooded so far. The dam was built in Ilısu (Germav) village of Mardin, where a pond was formed along the river in an area of ??approximately 35 kilometers. 600 million cubic meters of water accumulated in the pond so far, while the amount of water held in the dam will be 10.5 billion cubic meters. While the depth of the pond was estimated to be 50 meters in some places, many village roads were closed.

While the distance between the Ilısu and the Botan and Tigris Valleys is approximately 35 kilometers, the dam pond formed in the area continues along the river. It was stated that the length of the dam pond which exceeded the borders of Siirt’s Kurtalan district and advances to Batman’s Hasankeyf is approximately 40 kilometers. It was stated that historic Hasankeyf will be buried under water mid- december.

While the dam pond continues to rise rapidly, the village of Çattape (Tile Navro) have been completely submerged, with the exception of a house in the upper part, and Tel Fafan, the first port city in Mesopotamia, estimated to be about 5,000 years old have also been flooded.