IHD : 7,907 rights violations in Kurdish region in 3 months

Human Rights Association (IHD) Diyarbakir Branch released its report of human rights violations committed in the Kurdish region of Turkey over the past three months. IHD Diyarbakir Branch reported 7,907 rights violations in the Kurdish region in three months during which 90 people, including three children, died in conflict environment.

Speaking at the press conference where the report was announced, IHD Vice-President and Amed Branch President Raci Bilici drew attention to the irregularities witnessed during April 16’s referendum which was held under State of Emergency and in an unequal environment that cast doubts on the credibility of the elections.

Referring to the conflict and violence environment that continues to exist in Turkey, Bilici said this also caused an increasing and systematic continuation of human rights violations in all aspects of life.

Bilici recalled that thousands of people have died since 2015 when fighting erupted, and pointed out a bitter picture of war that needs to be resolved through democratic ways.

With regard to the State of Emergency (OHAL) ongoing in Turkey for over 9 months now, Bilici said OHAL was an authoritarian form of ruling that has resulted in ever-increasing abuses of human rights in several basic categories since it was first declared last year, such as statutory decrees that that restrict the freedom of thought, expression and press, economic and social rights.

Bilici stressed that the State of Emergency that obstructs democratic progress and restricts freedoms should be ended immediately, and the victimisations it has caused should be relieved.

Bilici said that rights violations have increased also in the Kurdish region during the first three months of 2017 due to the said circumstances, that include several cases of summary execution, mistreatment, ban on the right to assembly and demonstration, restriction of the freedom of thought, expression and press, violence against women and children, and restriction of economic and social rights.

Bilici also called attention to the increasing rights violations in prisons during the past three months such as forced transfer, isolation, ban on communication, restriction of visitation, strip search, physical torture, treatment in handcuffs, denial of treatment, camera surveillance and threats by wardens. According to IHD figures, at least 905 sick prisoners, 325 of whom are in critical conditions, have been left to their fate in prisons.

According to Bilici, the first three months of 2017 also witnessed a remarkable increase in arrests in Kurdish cities, while the detainees were subjected to physical and psychological torture and mistreatment while in custody. He called for an immediate end to these inhumane practices and prosecution of those responsible.

Bilici also called for a reinitiation of negotiations and resolution process in order for an end to the ongoing conflict.

Speaking after Bilici, IHD Regional Representative Abdulselam İnceören gave the following figures of rights violations experienced in the Kurdish region during the first three months of 2017:

  • Deaths in execution without due process: 2
  • Injuries in execution without due process: 2
  • Death in prison: 1
  • Injuries caused by official mistakes and negligence: 118
  • Deaths in armed confrontations: 87
  • Injuries in armed confrontations: 16
  • Injuries in explosions of mines and unidentified of bombs: 10, including 5 children
  • Deaths in explosions of mines and unidentified of bombs: 3 children
  • Ban of access to declared ‘special security zones’: 14
  • Curfews: 18
  • Disrespect to reminiscences of the dead: 24
  • Suicide by women: 5
  • Suicide by children: 4
  • Torture and mistreatment in custody: 18
  • Torture and mistreatment outside detention centers: 33
  • Torture in prison: 182
  • Abduction and threat of agencification: 1
  • Injuries as result of intervention on demonstrations: 30
  • Detentions: 433
  • House raids: 1364
  • Banned events: 2
  • Banned events: 2
  • Banned websites: 2
  • Penalty against freedom of thought and expression: 136
  • Political parties, associations and unions subjected to pressure and attack: 15
  • Meetings and demonstrations intervened by security forces: 11
  • Rights violations in prisons: 510
  • Layoff: 848
  • Dismissal: 1698
  • Administrative investigation: 83
  • Appointment of trustees to municipalities: 29
  • Violation of the right to health: 98

Total number of violations: 7,907

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