Bedran Çiya Kurd explains the reasons behind the recent service crisis

The Deputy Joint Presidency for Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria clarified the reasons behind the service crisis that the autonomous administration areas are currently going through, calling on the people to work together and in full harmony in presenting positive criticisms, possible alternatives and full responsibility for the violations.

This came in a statement on behalf of the Deputy Joint Presidency for Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Bedran Çiya Kurd, in which he commented on the poor service conditions, such as the interruption of electricity, water and bread in some AA’s areas, and he said:

“The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria is working hard to search for solutions and alternatives on an ongoing basis, to develop for the better, but the force majeure conditions directly affect how the basic services are provided to the citizen in the best possible way. In some stages, crises in the service sector are exacerbated temporarily, due to the nature The circumstances and conditions that Syria and AA’s areas are going through, as they face great challenges and systematic practices aimed at torpedoing the young experience, and there are entities working to take advantage of things.

This is not to justify the deficiencies, but to overcome the problems that the citizen is facing now, and also that we should not burden AA, but rather that we work together and in complete harmony in presenting positive criticisms and possible alternatives, and the full responsibility towards abuses and mistakes, and we have seen, and over the past years, that AA has naturally provided and provides what is missing, as there are strategies that the administration follows to ensure its economic security, and to provide the best for its citizens, and this is its responsibility to serve its citizens who bear great suffering, as it seeks to store approximately 500 thousand tons of wheat as a need, For the next two years at least, and it also seeks to remedy the negative consequences of Caesar’s law by supporting the service and pension sector and addressing until now the highest levels of emergencies of the corona pandemic despite poor potential, and still fighting global terrorism at various levels, these are tremendous efforts.

It is in complete mobilization to overcome the plight of water, bread and electricity, which constitutes a life dilemma for the citizen, and works to restore the defect and hold accountable the neglected, in addition to prosecuting the corrupt, as well as working with diplomatic actors to put pressure the Turkish state that violates all international standards and covenants in cutting off it for drinking water in a station The elevation and seizure of the water of the Euphrates, which led to a significant reduction in the level of the dam, which greatly affected the production of electricity, drinking water and irrigation, and this naturally has repercussions on all sectors, especially in the summer and high temperatures.

As for the loss of bread, the reason lies in the monopoly and the stopping of private bakeries and their exploitation of the crisis to compel citizens to pay increases, so all our people should know that we are the only ones, no matter what happens, we will not be cut off from this article because there is a strategy in this framework, because the administration continues to work and follow it and will not It allows anyone to take advantage of the livelihoods of our people, as well as continuous communication with external parties and international organizations to provide support at a humanitarian and economic level.

We address our people to address the aspects of positive criticism, and this is a right. For years, our people have been fighting for a democratic revolution and we are still in the process of following up. At the same time, we are responsible for securing the service, living, and employment needs of our people and fulfilling its demands for democracy and justice. We must trust that the administration that has struggled and withstood all the plans will not fail in the face of emergency situations such as those appearing here and there. Likewise, all who represent society, writers, intellectuals, and media, should bear The responsibility to explain this reality, and not to fall into the ambushes of special warfare circles that are mobilizing all their powers to undermine the gains of our people. “