Children in Waşokanî Camp dream of going back home

The children forced to flee from the attacks of the invading Turkish state mercenaries who settled in Waşokanî Camp, are dreaming of returning to their homes while working with their families to create new living spaces.

Hundreds of thousands of people were displaced due to the Turkish state invasion attacks on Serêkaniyê and Til Temir since 9 October 2019. Refugees are living in great difficulties in cities around Hesekê and in Waşokanî Camp, north of Hesekê.

There are 8,635 people living in 1,460 tents set up at Waşokanî Camp. The children are more than 3,520.

Children, the smallest refugees in their own lands, are helping their parents to try and create new living spaces. At the same time they are trying to overcome the trauma of the brutality they have witnessed.

Living with the hope of the day when they will be able to return to their cities and play with their friends in their neighborhoods again, the children have it clear that those who occupy their homes must be expelled.

“I miss playing with my friends”

Can Hiseyin is 9 and he fled from Serêkaniyê with his family and settled in Waşokanî Camp. He said that they want to return to their cities and added: “I miss playing with my friends. I want to go to my school. If the mercenaries are expelled, we will be able to go back to our house.”

Berîtan and Cemîl

One of the victims of the Turkish state invasion attacks are two little brother and sister, Cemîl and Berîtan Fahrettin.

Berîtan is going into a corner as soon as she heard the name of Serêkaniyê, while Cemîl is still heavily affected by the traumatic experience he lived. Brother and sister continue to play in front of the tent they live in. This vitality in children is a source of morale and hope for their families.

Approaching the camera, Cemîl says: “I do not want to stay in the camp, I want to go back to my house. We will return to Serêkaniyê.”

Berîtan cannot speak when she sees the camera. She smiles. It is clear from her face that Berîtan, who looks at people innocently, is still under shock for what she had been forced to go through.

“They should leave our houses. Those are our homes”

As we continue to walk around the camp, we see Mey sitting in front of the tent she lives in. Mey Ehmed Kiner is 8 and she fled from the brutality of the Turkish state and mercenaries like other children to settle in Waşokanî Camp.

Mey had fled her house with her family soon after hearing an explosion. They could not take anything with them and now she is asking when will she be able to go back to her house to get her things. “They must get out of our house, it’s our house. Our belongings remained there. We are living in a tent now. When will we be able to return to our house?”

“I want to go back to my village”

6-year-old Ehmed Faris, is living in Waşokanî Camp with his family. He is dreaming of going back to his home. “This is not our place. I want to go back to my village,” he says.