Civilian from Afrin: I was tortured by the invaders for 6 months

A civilian abducted by the Turkish army and their allied gangs spoke about the torture he was subjected to. The civilian who wishes to remain anonymous said women were resisting torture.

According to a report local News Agency , the Turkish army and their allied gangs continue to abduct civilians and holding their families for ransom after their invasion of Afrin.

There are 54 gang groups reported in the region under the Turkish army. Any one of the gangs can abduct a civilian, and after their release the same person can be abducted by another gang the next day.

A civilian from Afrin who was abducted from the Dimilya village and who wishes to remain anonymous spoke in detail about the crimes against humanity the invading Turkish army and their allied gangs, the Sultan Murad group in particular, have been committing in prisons against civilians in Afrin.

The civilian from Afrin was abducted by the Al-Hamzat gangs along with dozens of others, and was blindfolded during the abduction. He was taken to an unknown location.

He was kept in a cell underground for days, and later sold to a Sultan Murad member for $2.000: “The underground cell I was held in was the lower floor of a dungeon. There were close to a thousand prisoners there, including women. The gangs who abducted me sold me and 179 other civilians to the Sultan Murad gangs. When I looked around, I saw children aged between 12 and 16. Then they blindfolded us and took us away. I didn’t know where we were. Then we arrived at a location and they said we were in Turkey.”

The civilian from Afrin said they were brought to Turkey and that he was imprisoned in a dungeon controlled by the invading Turkish army and their allied gangs for 6 months.

The civilian said the invading Turkish army and their allied gangs also abducted women for ransom and added: “The Sultan Murad gangs would torture the women they abducted. When I was in their prison, 2 women set themselves on fire due to the torture.”

The civilian said the following on the methods of torture used by the invading Turkish army and their allied gangs:

“The gangs would tie civilians to the ceiling in the middle of a room. Then they would electrocute people, tear out their nails, cut off their ears, drip burning plastic on their bodies and pour boiling water on them.

Once every 24 hours they would give us a piece of bread. We were 45 prisoners to a room. They didn’t give medicine to the sick people. One civilian died of starvation in the Al-Hamzat gangs’ dungeon. Another prisoner from the Xelîlko village died in torture. Another prisoner died due to wounds he suffered during torture.”

The civilian said the following on persons serving the invading Turkish army as agents: “Zekeriya and Ebu Shexo from the Hesen village and Neshet Umer, Nihad Berem and Xalid Hesen Cafer from the Shurbe village are working with the Turkish invaders.”

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