Commission on Equal Opportunities: Discrimination against women still strong

The study on violence about Violence on Women due to Children’s Gender, which was prepared by Assoc. Dr. Serpil Altuntek for the Traditional Marriages Sub-Commission within the body of Commission on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men in the Assembly, revealed interesting results.

According to research, the husbands of 186 thousand 782 women in Turkey have second wives. Even university graduates make sex discrimination, believing that male children will bring them reputation, while bride price is demanded for university graduates as well.

According to the results of the study, 27 percent of women leave their jobs due to marriage. The husbands of 186 thousand 783 women have second wives. Polygamy in seen mostly in Eastern Anatolia and up to 2.9 percent of married couples is in the same situation.

The proportion of those thinking ‘Male boys bring reputation’ is seen by 44 percent in the research which shows that even 22 percent of college graduates think the same.

Bride price is around 50 percent. While the rate of unschooled people that prefer marriage is by 71 percent, this number decreases to 21 percent in those who received high school and further education.

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