Femicide balance sheet for October in Turkey

In Turkey, 21 women fell victim to femicide in October. Another eight women died under suspicious circumstances, according to the platform “We will stop femicide” in Istanbul.

The “We will stop femicide” Platform (Kadın Cinayetlerini Durduracağız Platformu, KCDP) has published its monthly balance for October. According to this, 21 women were murdered by men in Turkey last month. Another eight women died under suspicious circumstances.

According to the platform, the cause of the femicides could not be determined in twelve cases. Nine women were murdered because they wanted to decide on their own lives. Concrete reasons were divorce requests or the rejection of a man as a life partner.

The fact that the background could not be determined in twelve murder cases is because violence against women and femicide are made invisible, said the platform, adding; “As long it is not determined by whom and why women are murdered, as long as there are no fair court procedures, the offenders do not receive convincing punishments and no preventive measures are used, the violence continues.”

KCDP is a Turkish women’s rights organization that records violence against women and has made it its business to publicly inform about feminicide and to prevent them. In the first place, the platform works for the preservation of life and for all women’s rights. The founders are family members of the murdered women, women from various parties, institutions, trade unions, other associations, but also non-organized interested women.