Human Rights Organization unveils crimes committed in Afrin

Human Rights Organization- Afrin- Syria, has indicated that Turkish Occupation Army and backed mercenaries proceed with their crimes against civilians in Afrin, while the official spokesperson for the organization revealed a series of crimes committed by the Turkish Occupation Forces in a single month.

Ibrahim Sheikho, the official spokesperson for Human Rights Organization- Afrin- Syria, revealed an outcome of crimes and violations by Turkish Occupation Army and backed mercenaries against civilians in Afrin (stealing properties, looting olive products, and abduction and killing cases in a month).

According to Sheikh, most notable crimes are as follows :

”4 civilians, including a child, were killed, 120 citizens, including women, were abducted, two Kurdish citizens from Afrin were arrested, 4 civilians were injured, and other random shooting related crimes at the hands of mercenaries.

In addition, civilians were tortured, more than 11,000 types of trees were cut or burned, civilians’ properties were stolen, olive season outcome of more than 20,000 trees were looted, and fines were imposed on their owners.

While demographic change and the taking-over by the Turkish Occupation Army of real estates of Afrin’s displaced go on to set up projects under the name Al-Ahd Society( to live in dignity) special to the 1948 Palestinians, in addition to paving an international highway connecting the city of Jinderese to the border crossing point of Hamam that connects Afrin with Hatay of Turkey.

Even antiques in the region did not go untouched from stealing and breaches, the organization recorded that Turkish Forces violated 3 archaeological sites ( Tel Deir Sawan- Tel Aqrab, Nebi Huri, best known as Cyrrhus ).

Kurdish Imams were dismissed from service in mosques of (Trenda, Qibar, Ma’rata, Qere Tepe, Moseque of Bilal Habashi in Ashrafiye Quarter, Mosque of Abu Bakr Sadiq in Azadi Square, Mosque of Omar Bin Khattab next to Al-Karama School).

Mercenaries of the so-called Al-Amshat Faction dismissed 40 families of settlers and newcomers of the village of Kakhra for their rejection to send their sons to fight in Azerbaijan against the Armenian Forces.

Sheikho confirmed that all such crimes against people in Afrin come within the policy of demographic change and harassment on residents to evacuate the area.

Sheikh added that mercenaries try to bring settlers and their families and setting them in civilians’ house in Afrin and to take over their properties to consolidate and strengthen occupation.

Sheikh pointed out that such crimes in Afrin differ from group to another and an area to other, for instance, in Ma’rata they impose 1000 oil tanks, while in Khinire of the Mobata district, 100 olive oil tanks were imposed, and in the village of Kafardile also 100 tanks were imposed.

Ibrahim Sheikh also confirmed that Turkish Occupation Army has set up a university at the centre of Afrin Canton named Turkish Gaziantep University, in the building of the Faculty of Education in Afrin, in addition to imposing Turkish in schools and forcing children to learn it.