IHD demands release of prisoners before is too late

The Freedom for Sick Prisoners Initiative could not make their weekly action outside because of the coronavirus emergency and held press conferences in Ankara and Istanbul instead.


The Freedom for Sick Prisoners Initiative held a press conference on the 290th week of their action to draw once again attention to the situation of sick prisoners. The press conference was held at the Ankara Branch of the Human Rights Association (IHD).

Making a statement on behalf of the initiative, IHD Central Executive Committee Member (MYK) Nuray Çevirmen emphasized that conditions in prisons offer a perfect environment for the coronavirus to spread.

Noting that there are some 300 thousand prisoners in prisons, Çevirmen said: “Precautions measures for prisoners have not been taken. The wards were disinfected about 15 days ago. Cleaning and hygiene materials are still given in limited dosis and for a fee. Meals are not suitable for a healthy nutrition. The needs of prisoners with a special diet are not met.

There are prisoners sleeping on the ground in crowded wards. In prisons, the arrival of prisoners suffering from severe illness and cancer patients has stopped.”

Çevirmen underlined the condition of Şevket Bilici, who has been in prison for 28 years in Afyon T Type Closed Prison No. 1. “Şevket Bilici and all sick prisoners should be released from prison as soon as possible.”


The Human Rights Association (IHD) Istanbul Branch Prison Commission also held an alternative action to replace the 418th week of the F sit-in, with a slide show they published on social media accounts.

This week action drew attention to Selami Keleş, a sick prisoner suffering from a heart condition and epilepsy in Düzce T Type Prison.

The statement condemned the fact that no measure have been taken to counter the coronavirus emergency.

Selami Keles was born in 1989 in Siirt and was not regularly taken to the hospital. His right to life was violated as he was not given the medicine he should take for one year.