Jurist: CPT efforts made difference at Imrali prison

Lawyer Muhammad Amin Al-Nuaimi explained that if the CPT does its duty, isolation will be ended, and leader Ocalan will be removed from his detention.

The Committee against Torture in Prisons (CPT) of the Council of Europe made it clear through its latest report that the obstacles facing Ocalan and the other detainees in Imrali are “unacceptable”, and stated that visits to the family of Leader Abdullah Ocalan in recent years were not possible at all, confirming Lawyers’ requests to meet with him have been rejected since 2019.

Lawyer and member of the Lawyers Union in Al-Jazeera Region Muhammad Amin Al-Nuaimi explained: “The tasks of the European Committee against Torture are to follow up the violations that occur within detentions, especially prisoners of conscience, such as Ocalan, who is considered one of the most prominent philosophers of the modern era.

Al-Naimi said: “Turkey has spared no means of putting pressure on the leader, Abdullah Ocalan, from food, sleeping and reading to the right to meet with his family and his lawyer.”

Al-Nuaimi indicated that the Turkish state violated all international instruments related to human rights, and said: “The Human Rights Charter contains nearly 130 articles, and Turkey violated all of these provisions through strict isolation and violations against Leader Ocalan.”

He asked: “Why is Leader Ocalan detained? Because he defends human values, and it is the duty of the European Committee against Torture to monitor his situation, prepare daily reports and deliver them to legal committees, international courts, the International Criminal Court in The Hague, and the President of the UN Security Council.”

He confirmed that in the event that the Anti-Violence Committee fulfills its duty, the isolation will be ended, and Ocalan will be removed from his detention, and he said: “The arrest of Ocalan is illegal because he defends the rights of the people, that is a legitimate right.”

Muhammad al-Nuaimi explained that the Turkish state is hostile to the Kurds, and said: “Going back to history, we find that all the plots that were hatched against the Kurdish people are by Turkey, regardless of whether they were in the era of the Ottomans or the current republic that claims secularism, which was founded by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Who denied the right of the Kurdish people in the Lausanne Agreement. “

Al-Nuaimi stressed that Turkey continues its hostile plans against the Kurdish people, and said: “It occupied Afrin and committed the most horrific crimes against the people there, so where are those who claim to monitor and document violations against peoples?”