Keskin: Violence against women is legalized by the Turkish state

The Co-chair of the Human Rights Association said that the Justice and Development Party (AKP) sees the Istanbul Agreement as a threat to its policies, and indicated, “We are living in a process in which violence against women is legitimized by the state,”. She called on women to intensify their struggle and struggle.

In Turkey, rape and violence against women and children are increasing as part of a systematic policy. Atthe same time, the Justice and Development Party and the ruling Nationalist Movement Party are planning to withdraw from the Istanbul Agreement that provides for the protection of women and children.

The Istanbul Convention is an international agreement signed by the Council of Europe on November 11, 2011.

As for the reason of Turkey’s withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention, we spoke with the Co-chair of the Human Rights Association (IHD), Aren Kaskin.

Women were the target of genocide

“In the recent period, male power has targeted women’s achievements,” she said, adding: “Our geography is that of genocide. Many women were killed and others were exterminated in 1915 and 1938. Moreover, this geography was forbidden to mention and talk about crimes committed by states.” We live in an area where there are the highest levels of patriarchal, feudal and national consciousness, and violence against women is a policy. For this reason, the national consciousness that remained on this geography attacks women. In the recent period the male authority has targeted all women’s achievements. This is why the violence against her increases depending on the policy.

She pointed out that the Istanbul Convention is the best in the field of violence against women and said: “Since signing this convention, the government has followed a different policy, and the agreement has not been discussed much. The Justice and Development Party (AKP) coalition and the Deep State viewed the agreement as a threat.

She noted, “In the text of this convention there is a clause called “honor”, this is very important, because the state and the man who commits violence against women protest and hide under this pretext. For women, the Istanbul Convention means a constitution, so the struggle of women for the liberation of women will not end and they will not abandon the Istanbul Agreement. “

“Increased femicide cannot be excluded from political violence.”

“We are living in a stage where violence against women is legitimized by the state, so it is impossible to separate the increase in the killing of women from political violence. They try to intimidate society with violence. This fact must be taken into account,” she added.

Women need to escalate their struggle

Keskin concluded her speech by saying, “The Istanbul Agreement will not be abolished, and the escalating struggle of women will not allow this. Women must escalate their struggle and fight for Ekin Wan, who has been stripped of her clothes, because it will gain more importance to the struggle.”