Member of KMMK’s attacked by masked men

On Wednesday, 27th of March, Adnan Rashidi, a member of KMMK’s leadership team, was attacked by unidentified men. He has been seriously injured following the attach.

His head, his hand and body have been severely damaged. He had a severe fracture on his hand as well as bruises s on his body. Most damages has been on his head and he has a deep fracture on his skull. It appears that he had a traumatic brain injury.

According to the information received from a credible source to KMMK, several masked men stormed into Adnan Rashidi’s home on Wednesday. First took his wife and young child hostage. Then they attacked the home where Adnan was. Upon arrival, these unidentified individuals have severely beaten Adnan to such an extent that he became unconscious.

The masked individuals after Adnan came to his senses forced him to give access to his mobile phone, laptop, hard drives and notebooks. Adnan refuses and they beat him again. The documents contained sensitive information of his many years of civil and human rights activities, KMMK’s documents and personal data.

These unidentified individuals then show Adnan, via a video call, that they have taken his wife and young child, who is about three years old, hostage and they threatened to kill his wife and daughter if he does not cooperate. Fearing the threats posed to his family, eventually, he agreed to provide the access to the documents. The masked men then beat him again and threaten him not to report the assault and not to leave the house. When Adnan Rashidi’s wife and young daughter come to the house where Adnan was, they find him unconscious falling on the ground.

Adnan Rashidi is a prominent human rights activist and a member of KMMK’s leadership team. He has been repeatedly threatened. Once, he found out about his assassination plot by the Islamic Republic of Iran and he managed to escape. Over the past years, her family has been under intense pressure from the security agencies of Islamic Republic of Iran, and many members of his family have been arrested, threatened and dealt with disrespect and intimidation.

In 2009, Adnan was arrested in Sulaimaniyah and he was at risk of deportation to Iran. He was then released from jail due to intense pressure from several civil activists and KMMK. It had to be mentioned that Adnan Rashidi is a former political prisoner in eastern Kurdistan and a member of KMMK.