Prisoners in Bolu denounced ill treatment and torture

Rights violations against political prisoners in Bolu F-Type Prison have been exposed. The prisoners, writing about their experiences, said that Nurullah Semo had been kept in a room alone for 2 years and that he was exposed to insults and threats every morning during the counting.

The prisoners called on the Turkish Medical Association (TTB) and said: “Prisoners should be allowed and granted access to the infirmary when they need to and not as it is happening after weeks of pain. Doctors should not look at our files and look at us with hatred because of the case we are being tried in.”

The prisoners noted that their letters were systematically lost and the parcels coming from their families were opened and destroyed. “Our letters are being deliberately lost. We used to say that there was no problem and could be that a letter would get lost once a month. But now is systematic: letters are lost all the time. Parcels are being sent from our families and we don’t know about them. We don’t know who open them but they finally reached us broken and teared apart.”

The prisoners also complained of sports and visit to have been shortened and added they have no activities organised in the prison.