Prisoners say they are given a tea glass of detergent

Prisoners in Marmara Region jails conveyed their problems through their families. The prisoners are given detergent in a tea glass, the guards hold the count without wearing masks, and cleaning products are sold at exorbitant prices.

The 70-item law of execution package was approved by parliament after 7 days of debate and excluded thousands of political prisoners as well as journalists. Political prisoners in Marmara region jails conveyed their situation to their families during the weekly phone call they are allowed to.

Ministry of Justice by the prisons that held the description of the receipt of the necessary precautions and hygiene products distributed free of charge that are alleged to have said TUAD co-chair Hüsnü Taş said that despite the statements by the Ministry of Justice regarding hygiene products being delivered for free in prisons, “this is not happening. Political prisoners are held in cells and solitary celss lacking hygienic conditions. Guards go in and out of the wards without wearing masks.”

Taş underlined the worrying situation of seriously ill prisoners and added: “The coronavirus is a temporary emergency, the world will overcome this, but justice and peace will suffer serious injuries. The law of execution should have included everyone. This is a discriminatory law.”

Taş also said that the real extension of the infection in prisons is not known, as figures are hidden. The Minister of Justice spoke of 17 cases, so far, but there is concern that the number could be much higher.

Prisoners conveyed some of the problems in Marmara region through their families.

In particular:

  • In Edirne Prison, Cevher Ay suffers from COPD and heart disease. He is taken to the hospital, but is not treated and sent back to the cell with a painkiller.
  • In Bolu Prison, the cells are not disinfected. Cleaning materials are not provided except for soap and detergent. Detergent is given in cups or tea glasses.
  • Rıdvan Çelik in Akhisar Prison said in a phone call that they could not get anything in canteens in the last period. He pointed out that everything is very expensive, and that the 5 TL shampoo is now sold for 15-20 liras.
  • In the ward search carried out in Gebze Prison on 3 March, prisoners were subjected to the insults of the guards, and prisoners Şadiye Menav, Hacer Halil Yufus and Rojbin Perişan were punished and sent in isolation.
  • Kemal Ekinci in Silivri Prison suffers from a heart condition. He is kept in an unhygienic and overcrowded ward. The prisoners are having trouble going to the infirmary. In addition, prisoners who have to take medicines regularly are not going to the infirmary in order to avoid the 14-day compulsory quarantine imposed. The prisoners say that quarantine conditions are harder than staying without medicines. Zafer Sağlam and Hamza Polat are currently quarantined in Silivri Prison.