Remains of Agit Ipek sent to family by cargo!

ÖHD, İHD, TİHV and Amed Bar Association filed a criminal complaint about the delivery of the remains of Agit Ipek to his family by mail.

Association of Lawyers for Liberty (EMV), Human Rights Association (IHD) Amed Branch, the Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (TIHV) Amed Representative and Amed Bar Association, filed a complaint to the Diyarbakır Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office for “torture, cruelty, violation of privacy, insulting someone’s memory, misbehaviour” against the authorities responsible of sending HPG guerrilla Agit Silk’s remains to his family by mail.

The four rights organizations underlined that the decision to deliver the remains of the guerrilla by mail goes against many international human rights conventions. 

The associations also demanded the authorities involved to be investigated for not delivering the remains of guerrilla Ipek to his family after the DNA test proved his identity.***

10 april 2020 Remains of a Kurdish guerrilla who fell in Dersim, were sent to his family in Amed (Diyarbakır) by cargo.

HPG guerrilla Agit İpek lost his life in the countryside of Dersim province on 23 May 2017. His family has been denied the remains of their son despite their endless efforts and applications since. The family was first told that there was no corpse, then they were called in May 2019 and told that the corpse had been found. The family therewith went to Dersim and gave blood sample for a DNA test which then revealed that the corpse belonged to İpek.

The body of HPG guerrilla was sent from Forensic Medicine Institute to Tunceli Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office which then sent it to the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office of Diyarbakır where the family lives. The remains of the Kurdish fighter were then sent by cargo to his family living in the central Bağlar district.

The remains of İpek will be buried in the village of bağlı Elmabahçe (Pizyan) in Mardin’s Artuklu district.


With the painting “Mother”, artist Runak Resulpur from Eastern Kurdistan illustrates the pain of Halime Aksoy, who received her son’s corpse in a postal package three years after his death.

For days, there has been general horror at the way the Turkish authorities have handled the body of guerrilla fighter Agit Ipek (Nom de Guerre: Kemal Berxwedan), who died in Dersim in 2017. The public prosecutor’s office in Dersim has sent his parents the mortal remains in a postal package to Amed (Diyarbakir). Artist Runak Resulpur from Eastern Kurdistan, who lives in Sweden, expressed this unprecedented action with the picture “Mother” and shared it on Twitter.

The mother depicted in the picture is Halime Aksoy. She was summoned last week to the courthouse in Amed where she was handed the postal packet. “I saw that the parcel with my Agit was there. So I took the bones and went home,” said Halime Aksoy.

The unworthy incident caused widespread outrage. The PKK said: “The AKP/MHP government knows no limits in its immoral actions. With its unethical, unscrupulous and fascist actions, it wants to destroy all social values and force society to capitulate. Doing this, it believes that it can hold on to power longer.”