Kurdish political prisoner tortured heavily in Rojhilat

Kurdish political prisoner Efşin Hisên Penahi, who had been detained and arrested in Rojhilat, has been subjected to torture by Iranian forces. Efşin’s health had suffered after the intense torture, but reportedly hasn’t been taken to a hospital.

Iranian forces tortured Kurdish political prisoner Efşin Hisên Penahi in the Sine Prison in Rojhilat. Efşin Hisên Penahi was subjected to heavy torture and reportedly hasn’t been taken to a hospital despite his health suffering afterwards.

His brother Ehmed Hisên Penahi issued a statement over social media about the torture Efşin Hisên Penahi was subjected to in Sine Prison and said:

“After my brother Efşin Hisên Penahi, a member of the Communist Revolutionary Workers Party, was captured wounded on July 24 in Sine by Iranian regime forces, he was detained. After Efşin Hisên Penahi was detained by Iranian forces, he was asked to testify on camera against Ramin Hisên Penahi, who was captured wounded, and his family. When Efşin refused to speak, he was tortured. Then he was taken to a court and was issued 8.5 years in prison even though he has committed no crimes whatsoever.

When Efşin didn’t speak, great pressure was put on us and on my brother Ramin who is in prison, wounded. And Efşin was tortured by Iranian forces. His finger and toe nails have been pried off, he was electrocuted. Even though his health has seriously suffered, he wasn’t taken to a hospital. All our attempts have unfortunately fallen short.

We have not heard from my brother Ramin since the day he was captured wounded. We have no information on whether he is alive.”

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