Manbij massacre classified as a war crime, perpetrators must be held accountable

The Human Rights Organization explained that the massacre committed by Turkey in Manbij city is classified as a war crime, and the perpetrators must be tried within an international court, and indicated that it is coordinating with a committee of lawyers to file cases of people who have been subjected to violations to European courts.

More than 8 months have passed since the US-Turkish and the Russian-Turkish agreement that the Turkish occupation army to stop its attacks on the north and east of Syria, but the Turkish occupation state did not comply and continued its attacks on the northern and eastern regions of Syria, and committing crimes on a daily basis against the unarmed civilians, in addition to demolishing the populated villages, amid the Russian-American and international silence.

On July 27, the Turkish occupation army committed a massacre against a family in the village of Qurt Weran, located in the city of Manbej. As a result, 6 civilians, including 4 children, were martyred and 6 civilians were wounded.

The Administrator of the Human Rights Organization in al-Jazeera region, Avin Jumaa, explained the necessity of the international court holding the Turkish state accountable for the massacre it committed in Manbij city. She said: “This massacre is classified as a war crime, but unfortunately everyone is silent before Turkey’s violation, not only in Syria but also in Libya and Yemen. We appeal to the people who are calling for democracy to pressure their governments to put an end to the Turkish state.”

Work to transfer cases to European courts

Avin Jumaa pointed out that the crimes committed by the Turkish state and its mercenaries are classified as war crimes and are still continuing, and said: “We, as Human Rights Organization, are coordinating with a committee composed of lawyers to raise the cases of people who have been subjected to violations by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries to European courts and the bodies that care in these cases, such as the case of the martyr Hevrin Khalaf, the targeting of the civilian convoy in Serêkaniyê and the use of chemical weapons.”

After the Turkish attacks on the regions of north and east Syria on October 9, 2019, the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation ambushed on October 13 the international road, and Hevrin Khalaf, the Secretary-General of the Future Syria Party was targeted and brutally assassinated. On the same day, a civilian convoy that entered Serêkaniyê city to evacuate the wounded was targeted, and 13 civilians including two journalists were martyred in the shelling.

Avin Jumaa noted that the crimes of the Turkish occupant state against the people of the region have not stopped since 2018, that is, during its occupation of Afrin canton, and said: “Brutal and immoral practices are being committed against unarmed civilians. Until now, civilians are exposed to various types of torture, kidnapping and killing, and asking for ransom during a year. More than 50 people were killed under torture in the prisons of Turkey’s mercenaries.”

Avin Jumaa said that the escapees from the mercenaries’ prisons in Turkey made clear that the detainees’ conditions in the detention centers are very poor, especially for women, as they are exposed to the most violent practices such as sexual assault and blackmailing, and said: “A number of the arrested women gave born in prison and were not provided any health support.”

Avin Jumaa revealed that the Human Rights Organization met with three women arrested in Serêkaniyê occupied city, who were subjected to investigation and torture very painfully on false charges, and survived after paying a financial ransom.

180 people were arrested only for paying ransom

Human Rights Organization has documented more than 180 names of those arrested under false pretexts and arguments, and they came out after they paid a financial ransom. Avin noted in this regard: “There are more than 90 people held in Turkish prisons in the occupied areas, accused of working against the Turkish state. Although they are Syrians, they are arrested on charges of treason against Turkey and they are being tried by Turkish laws and this is illegal.”

Avin touched on the security situation of the areas under the control of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, and said: “Within one month, a series of bombings occurred among populated places, and dozens of civilians, women and children were killed, and according to international laws, Turkey bears responsibility.”

The Human Rights Organization’ Administrative Member Avin Jumaa called on all international organizations and decision-making countries to pressure Turkey to stop the violations committed against the people of the occupied areas and the defenseless civilians in the north and east of Syria, in addition to trying all those responsible for the crimes in the International Court.