Ill prisoner passed away in Turkey prisons

Nebi Ilhan, who was in Siirt E Type Prison, died in the hospital where he was being treated. Nurcan Bakır, who was transferred to another prison after her participation in the hunger strike against the isolation of Öcalan, has ended her life.

Arrested during the political genocide operations and sentenced to 6 years in prison, Nebi Ilhan (74) had been taken to Siirt State hospital on Thursday where he died on Friday.

Nebi, who has been in prison for about 2 years and had bypass surgery twice before going to prison, also suffered from diabetes and high blood pressure.

Nebi had being treated at Siirt State Hospital for a month, and was operated two days ago of a tumor.

Nebi was buried on Friday evening in the Zevye Cemetery in the center of Siirt.

Ill prisoner jailed for 28 years ends her life

Nurcan Bakır, jailed for 28 years, was one of the thousands of political prisoners who joined the massive hunger strike campaign in prisons of Turkey and North Kurdistan last year demanding an end to the aggravated isolation imposed on Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

After the hunger strike protest, which was ended by the call of Öcalan, Bakır was transferred against her will from Gebze Women’s Prison to the Burhaniye Prison in Balıkesir province in the Marmara region.

The prison administration informed Bakır’s family this morning that “she ended her own life”. The woman’s body has been taken to Forensic Medicine Institute.


The 47-year-old woman had two years left to spend in prison. She had previously applied to the European Court of Human Rights requesting to be released because of her health problems.

Bakır had a phone call with her family yesterday when she told them that she would not remain silent on atrocities and was seeing murdered children in her dreams every day.

The Bakır family has left for Balıkesir to get the body which will then be buried in the village of Kayakdere in Mardin’s Ömerli district.