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In Turkey, prisons have always been at the center of human rights violations.
The same unlawful approach has been taken against all prisoners. However,
there has been systematic unlawful and abusive treatment of dissidents,
especially against the Kurds.
The reflection of the country’s democratic standards was first felt in prisons.
Dissidents were wanted to be silenced by antidemocratic methods by filling
prisons and increasing repression and mistreatment in prisons.
Recently, especially after 2016, these practices reached their peak and the
number of people held in prisons reached a record high.
According to DW’s report , imprisonment rate per capita is the highest in 1
The number of people in Turkish prisons has not only broken its own record,
but has reached the highest figure among the members of the Council of
Europe . New prisons have been built, and the most basic rights of prisoners 2
and prisoners have been restricted under the name of high-security prisons.
This situation was noted in the reports and statements of many human rights
institutions, bar associations and non-governmental organisations . 3
Preparation of the Report:
We needed to conduct a study in this field in case of an increase in allegations
of rights violations in prisons in Turkey. In this case, based on the news in the
media, the Turkish Association for Human Rights, the Free Lawyers
Association, the Association of Solidarity with Detained Families, the Turkish
Foundation for Human Rights, etc. The reports on the websites of their
institutions, the interviews we have had with some detainee families and the
information we have received in the media have raised our concerns that there
are serious human rights violations in Turkish prisons.

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