The brutality of the Turkish occupation and its targeting of the martyr of Hewrin Khalaf

Hewrin Khalaf, General Secretay of ‘Future of Syria Party’

After the declaration by the Turkish occupation of the aggression on northern and eastern Syria on 19 september 2019 and the shelling of areas of northern and eastern and it bombing with missiles and aircraft targeting civilians and their homes and following the most heinous means of killings , the Turkish occupation and its mercenary aim is to displace civilians from their homes and areas in order to change demographic characteristics of the region and he bought terrorists groups to thr areas they aim to occupy and to act by the most heinous terrorist means as he did in every region entered by the Turkish occupation with his mercenary from killing and theft and looting displacement of residents and kidnapping civilians and field executions as he did in Afrin , Jarablus , Bab and every region occupied it and annexing Syrian territory to Turkey and the demographic of the region change and life has been restored to a ISIS terrorist.

During the infiltration of the Turkish occupation and its mercenary into the borders of Syria , he killed unarmed civilians and carried out field executions against inhabitants in the area and martyr Hewrin Khalaf the Secretary –General .

When it passed on the highway between Aleppo and AL-Hassaka with its car on 12/10/2019 , the Turkish occupation and its mercenary stopped and executed it on ground and followed the most horrible means of torture against them by the Turkish occupation and its mercenary , Hewrin Khalaf Secretary General of the Future Syria , which devoted all her life in order to collect all the Syrian of all components from Kurds and Arabs and Syriac and Assyrian and in order to achieve common coexistence to live in safety and to reach Syria a solution that guarantees the rights of all components and sects, the most prominent thing in which Hefrin Khalaf believed that the solution in Syria is political and the finding the best solution for the Syrian crisis in the hands of the Syrian through the Syrian dialogue and all Syrian agree on it and society begins to organize itself at all level across institutions and the people have the right to self-administration it believed that all segments of society and political parties were able to resolve the Syrian crisis politically and end to the bloodshed but this is not happened .

The Turkish occupation and its mercenary aim not solve the Syrian crisis and seek divide Syria and cut its lands expand the Turkish occupation land and the crime committed against the martyr Hefrin Khalaf is the biggest proof of the Turkish government reality its mercenary and its terrorist and shows the real face of it.

The car of martyr Hewrin Khalaf was targeted by the Turkish occupation on the highway between Aleppo and Al-Hasskah The Turkish occupation has demonstrated its intention to the truth in the aggression against northern and eastern Syria , where unarmed civilians were brutally executed and brutally tortured .

The forensic doctor report about the martyr Hevrin Khalaf Statement to puplic opinion:
Political parties and powers gathered in north and east Syria on Saturday 12/10/2019 and studied the latest political and field developments after the brutal turkish attack on the north and east of Syria where he valued the heroic role of fighters and fighters of the Syrian democratic forces to confront the fascist turkish invasion and terrosist mercenaries and defend the sovergeinty and dignity of Syria and glorified the mythical resistance shown by our great people of all national and community components in the face of this sinful aggression and praised the great efforts of our people in the Diaspora and stressed the mportance of resistance in all ways in these articulated stage of the region history.

  1. Call on the international community and the United Nations to stop the Turkish aggression and punish Turkey with the maximum sanctions and to pursue Erdogan and those resonsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Afrin and eastern Euphrates and brought to intrtnational justice .
  2. The purpose of the Turkish occupation o0f this invasion is to occupy the region and tamper with security and stability and create chaose and fighting internal under the names are not real and recall in this redard the bloody history of the Ottoman Empire and what it did to the peoples of the region including the Armenian and Syrian Syriac Assyrian are now subjected to the same attack and massacres carried out against all the national and religious components of the Syrian peoples including Islam Christians, Yezidis, Arabs, Kurds, Syriac, Assyrians, Armenians, Jurks and Turkmen.
  3. During the years of the crisis the Turkish regime has always been a major supprter of terrorist organizations and aims to do so , the invasion led to the habit of reviving the terrorist organization of ISIS , threating and extorting the whole world as the EU extorted the refugee card .
  4. The need for the United Nations organizations to carry out their moral and humanitarian duty towards the displaced to speed up the provision all forms of support and assistance to them .
  5. Provide to thanks all the Arabs League for its honorable humanitarian position by condeming the Turkish invasion as we hope from the rest of the countries not to be dragged and slipped behind the Turkish position because in the end the fate of this remains on with its goals and ambition, we also thank all international positions rejecting this brutal aggression .
  6. We as political forces in the north and east of Syria regret the participation of the brothers of the sons of Syria in war led by Erdogan and his criminal and ask them not to continue this aggression so as not to kill the people of one people which is serving the usurper enemy and the need for all Syrians to engage in dialogue as an option National solution to this crisis away from the regional agenda .
  7. Condoling ourselves and our people by the martyrdom of Hefrin Khalaf the Secretary –General of the Future Syria Party who cited the targeting of the crininal Turkish army we call upon our great peole to do their utmost to the democratic forces of Syria of dignity and freedom to defeat theTurkish fascism and its terrorist system that tamper with security and stabiliy of the region and docking with his land resistance is the only way to achieve victory and victory for the blood of the righteous martyrs.

Signed :
* The Future Syria Party
* Natonal Coordination Authority
* Movement for Democratic Change
* Democratic Union Party
* Syriac Union Party
* Kurdistan Democratic Peace Party
* Kurdistan Liberal Union
* Kurdistan Communist Party
* Kurdish Democratic Party- Syria
* Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party
* Kurdish Left Party in Syria
* Kurdish Left Democratic Party in Syria
* Kurdistan National Assembly Party
* Kurdistan Democratic Change Party
* Kurdistan Renewal Movement
* Kurdistan Shugila Union
* Arab National organization
* Syria Modernism and Democracy Party
* The Kurdistan Green Party
* Syrian Kurdish Democratic Reconciliation Party
* Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria ( Yekiti)
* Reform Movement Syria
* Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria ( Party)
* Kurdistan Brotherhood Party
* Assyrian Democratic Party
* Roj Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria
* Free Patriotic Union – Rojava
* Kurdistan Future Movement
* Democraic Society Movement
* Star Conference
* Democratic Conservative Party
* Democraic Struggle Party

Saturday 12/10/2019

Self-administration in northern and eastern Syria
The Committee for the Preparation and documentation of files 14/10/2019