Yazidis in Şengal renewed their demands on the Iraqi federal government

The people of Şengal renewed their demands on the Iraqi federal government regarding the agreement signed regarding the security and administrative conditions in Şengal, and emphasized the necessity of accepting the Autonomous Administration Council and Asayîşa Êzîdxanê within a legal framework.

Dozens of Yazidis gathered in the city center of Şengal, to deliver a statement, which included several demands they submitted to the federal government in Iraq, as part of a series of activities rejecting the agreement signed on October 9, between the two governments in Baghdad and the Kurdistan region, regarding the administrative and security conditions in Şengal province.

During the gathering, the participants raised banners written on it “Reject the agreement without the will of the people of Şengal to stop the extermination, time has come for the Yazidis’ will.”

The statement was delivered in front of the Executive Council building for the Autonomous Administration and read:

We, the people of Şengal, say to the three presidencies, “the President of the Republic, the Council of Ministers and the Iraqi Parliament”, where are you in Şengal case, and the plots being hatched against it and the right of its oppressed people, and as you all know, and under the successive governments, none of them initiated a solution to the situation in Şengal and the prejudice against the Yazidis, this original component of Iraq, continued, and they are still suffering from the extermination, as the issue is not outside it from the authority of the federal government, but rather an Iraqi issue, but this is how our regions are marginalized and dealt with without finding solutions that serve the community administratively, security and politically.

We call on the federal government to:

1- Acceptance of the Autonomous Administration Council and all its affiliates, because they are the ones who have provided all the assistance, according to the capabilities received by the people of Sinjar in the absence of state institutions

2- Acceptance of Asayîşa Êzîdxanê within a legal framework, because they are the ones who have maintained security and stability in all joints of the judiciary, and there was a security vacuum at the time, and these are the demands of the people of Sinjar with all its components.

3- When insisting on this law, and not accepting the councils and the Asayiş, we, the people of Sinjar, reject categorically, and we take to the streets to protest until the demands are met.

Since October 9, the activities and events of the Yazidis in Şengal have continued, amid a total rejection of the agreement concluded between the federal governments of Iraq and the Southern Kurdistan region regarding the security and administrative situation in Şengal, without referring to the opinion of the people of Şengal, amid the lack of acceptance by the Iraqi army to send elements of its forces in deploying in the province.

In a related context, a delegation from Şengal, which included politicians, clerics and community figures, had visited the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, and met with many officials, and Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, and presented their demands for the necessity of respecting the will of the Yazidis and referring to them in any agreement related to Şengal province.