Turkish army prevents fire extinguishing attempts at Gabar and forest in Şırnak

The wildfire at Mount Gabar in the province of Şırnak is spreading more and more. Extinguishing attempts are prevented by the Turkish army. A forest fire broke out in Setkarê village as a result of the fire opened from Kalecik military base in Beytüşşebap district of Şırnak.

Mount Gabar, located between the Şırnak city and its Cizre district, has been burning for ten days. The fire started after a military operation in the Kurdish region. Thousands of trees, bushes, vineyards and gardens have been destroyed. The local residents tries to extinguish the fires but are prevented from doing so by the army. The village of Zivingû (Köprüçe) and other villages are acutely threatened by the flames.

At Mount Gabar, which is one of the guerrilla retreat areas in the Botan region, fires have been raging repeatedly since the beginning of summertime. As a rule, the wildfires were caused by mortar shells fired from surrounding military guards or Turkish army bases. For years the nature of Kurdistan has been destroyed by the military through systematically laid fires. On Mount Cudi there has been a continuous fire for more than three months.

Turkish army starts another forest fire in Şırnak

As the fires that started in Cudi and Gabar mountains and Besta region following the Turkish military operations launched in Şırnak continue, another fire broke out due to fire opened from the Kalecik military base in the village of Setkarê (Hisarkapı) in the Beytüşşebap district of Şırnak.

The fire that started in Setkarê area continues to rage. Efforts to extinguish the fire are being prevented.