Turkish genocide in Till Rifat Shahba: Death 10 civilians

The Turkish state continues to massacre the people of northern Syria in its ongoing military offensive seeking to invade the region. The Turkish genocidal campaign seeking to invade North and East Syria continues since October 9 despite so-called ceasefire agreements.

Turkish military forces carried out an artillery attack on Tell Rifat town in the Shahba Canton of northern Syria Monday afternoon, at around 14:30 local time. The attack directly targeted civilians and killed 10, most of them children, and left many others wounded, including minors. VIDEO1

Afrin Canton Autonomous Administration Council Co-president Bekir Elo harsly criticized the deadly attack, saying; “This bombardment is a manifestation of the savagery of the Turkish invasion state and their gangs.” Elo called on the international community to raise their voice against the massacres perpetrated on the peoples of the region.

The Turkish genocidal campaign seeking to invade North and East Syria continues since October 9 despite so-called ceasefire agreements. As many as 500 civilians have lost their lives as a result of the attacks carried out by the Turkish army and allied civilians since. More than a thousand people were wounded and some 300,000 people displaced by the genocidal attacks.

Names of the civilians killed and wounded in Til Rifat
Names have been disclosed of the civilians who have been killed and wounded in Turkish forces’ artillery attack against Til Rifat town in the Shehba Canton earlier today.
10 civilians lost their lives in the attack, including 8 children aged between 3 and 15, and two elderly aged 74 and 63. 10 other civilians were wounded in the attack. Names of those killed and wounded are as follows:

Hisên Abdulha Kildedo (74)
Ali Mehmud Osman (63)
Mihmed Ali (11)
Mistefa Mihmed Mecid (10)
Mihmed Haci Omer (7)
Arif Cafer Mihmed (6)
İmad Ehmed Kêfo (9)
Abdul Fetah Aliko (3)
Semir Abdurihman Hiso (12)
Mihmed Adulriham Hiso (15)

Hanif Hamo (9)
Mihmed Keyefo (20)
Enise Alo (21)
Hêvin Mistefa (30)
Xelil Mihmed (3)
Hesan Omer (10)
İlyes Heson (9)
Edhem (6)

Children targeted by Turkish attack : “We were bombed while playing”

Turkish invasion forces have targeted civilians in Til Rifat town of the Shehba Canton today. The attack killed 10 people, including 8 children aged between 3 and 15. VIDEO2

A 9-year-old who survived the attack with injuries, spoke to ANF and said the following; “We were playing in our neighborhood. A mortar shell fell near us, a shrapnel piece hit my hand and injured me. I was hospitalized afterwards. We live in Til Rifat, a mortar shell hit our house too.”

Another child who also survived with injuries told that he was wounded after a mortar shell landed near them. “Most of us were children, there were girls, too,” he said.

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria condemned the massacre of civilians carried out by the Turkish state in Til Rifat, Shehba. Eight children aged 3 to 15 were killed as well as two adults.

In a written statement the Autonomous Administration recalled that it was “the people who migrated from Afrin to Shehba to be targeted in the massacre attacks carried out by the Turkish state.”

The statement added: “Turkey’s barbaric massacres targeting children are an ethnic genocide and war crimes. As the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria, we strongly condemn the massacre. The Turkish state is responsible for the massacre. We call on the Russian, US, EU and international law institutions to take action to prevent Turkey from carrying out further massacres against our people.”

UNICEF : Eight children reportedly killed in attacks on Tal Rifaat in rural Aleppo north of Syria

Ted Chaiban, UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa said that :

“We are shocked and saddened at reports that eight children were killed and another eight were injured in attacks on Tal Rifaat town, northern Aleppo. All of them were under the age of 15. This brings the number of children killed in the north of Syria to at least 34 in the past four weeks alone. The number of children killed is increasing as relentless violence continues in several parts of Syria.

In almost nine years of conflict, the fundamental principle of protection of children has been completely disregarded.

UNICEF reminds all parties to the conflict in Syria that children must always be protected, they are not a target and those who kill children deliberately will be held accountable.”