Turkish occupation burns Afrin forests, seizes smac harvest

The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation burned the forest forests in the occupied villages of Afrin in order to cover up their crimes in cutting down the forest trees; they also took over the harvest of sumac belonging to Afrin people.

The Turkish occupation crimes against civilians and their violations of the nature of civilians in occupied Afrin continue, amid all parties neglecting these crimes.

According to sources of the Human Rights Organization Afrin-Syria, the mercenaries of Sultan Murad, who are affiliated with the Turkish occupation, set fire to the forest jungle located in the village of Baarava in Shera district in the occupied Afrin canton.

The Turkish occupation is fabricating the fire to cover up its crimes in cutting down the forest trees in that forest, after the mercenaries of Sultan Sultan intended to cut most of their trees, while the so-called Directorate of Civil Defense (Fire Brigade) of the Turkish occupation did not interfere to extinguish the fire only after it was too late and had burnt a large area.

This is not the first time that mercenaries have burned forests. Rather, it has been repeated so often with the aim of sabotaging nature in Afrin.

Sabotaging the sumac crop

While a special source from Afrin reported to the Human Rights Organization Afrin – Syria that the mercenaries of Samarkand belonging to the Turkish occupation led by Abu Jihad, who recently returned from Libya, seized the crop of sumac belonging to the people of villages (Ramadano, Rutanli, Haj Husnu, Haj Qasimo, Dala and others. ..) and mukhtars of these villages who were appointed by the Turkish occupation have sold these fields by (the guarantee) to Azad Sabri, after they prevented the families of the displaced people in their villages from reaping their crops and those of their relatives under false pretenses, namely affiliation or dealing with the Autonomous Administration.