Women prisoners denounce ill treatment in Sakran Prison

Arbitrary procedures involving maltreatment continue to be carried out in Sakran prison which made the news with woman prisoners being dragged by hair during their transfer. It has been reported that woman prisoners are forced to clean rooms full of construction rubbish.

Sick prisoners are not given medication despite medical reports and prisoners are given very little food. Six woman inmates have told their lawyers about arbitrary procedures they were subjected to.

Lawyer Canan Uçar reported the women saying that their televisions and radios as well as their winter clothes have not been given to them since their transfer. Prisoners have not been able to receive any letter and indictments either.

Living conditions are unbearable in the prison. Canan Uçar states that woman inmates were given very little food and water. “Two glasses of rice have to feed 11 inmates,” said Uçar.

The inmates’ right to open visit which is normally one hour is restricted to 20 minutes and vitamin B is not given to prisoners on hunger strike.

Lawyer Canan Uçar noted, “Everybody who is sensitive about violence against women, refuses torture and defends human dignity should say stop to the procedures in Þakran prison.”

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