15 years prison sentence asked for medicine student wounded in Kobanê

The second hearing in the trial of Dicle University Medicine Faculty student Esra Yakar, who was wounded in a mortar fire attack of ISIS gangs in Kobanê during her stay in the town to provide treatment to the wounded, has been held today.

Despite the fact that Esra Yakar went to Kobanê as a voluntary health personnel, the prosecutor today demanded 15 years prison sentence on grounds of “being a member of an armed terrorist organisation” in the court session held at Diyarbakır 4th Criminal Court.

Esra Yakar had been arrested upon her return to Turkey, and was released in the first court session. In today’s session, the prosecutor submitted the indictment after Yakar’s father Paşa Yakar presented his testimony. The indictment alleged that Esra Yakar was wounded in Kobanê in a clash she took part as “a member of PKK/KCK” and furthermore said Yakar was carrying out work for the PKK in the rural areas and was acting together with the other members of the organisation. The prosecutor asked 15 years prison sentence for Yakar alleging that she committed the crime of “being member of armed terrorist organisation”.

The trial has been postponed to a further date to give time to the lawyer of Yakar to prepare the defence.

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