Amnesty International Report :Turkish occupation, its mercenaries crimes in Serekaniye, Gire Spi and Afrin

Amnesty International issued its annual report in which it highlighted the violations committed by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, during the military attack on northeastern Syria and their occupation of each of the cities of Afrin, Serekaniye / Ras al-Ain and Gire Spi / Tel Abyad.

The report of the organization documented the martyrdom of a hundred and eighty civilians in the period between the twenty-ninth of last October at the hands of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries.

Amnesty International also described the attacks Turkey launched in the ninth of October of the previous year on residential areas as “indiscriminate” and that it targeted civilian homes, schools and bakeries.

The report stated that the Turkish occupation released the mercenary groups in the city of Afrin, which in turn prevented the city’s residents from accessing their properties and possessions, which were seized by the members of those mercenary groups and their families, and turned most of them into military headquarters.

The organization stated that the United Nations investigation committee, in turn, confirmed that the majority of the people of Afrin city had paid money as financial ransom to these groups to restore their stolen holdings, as well as olive farmers paying taxes on their crops to these factions.

The international organization stressed that the mercenary groups of the Turkish occupation are responsible for about forty-five cases of kidnapping of civilians in order to collect financial ransoms from their families, as a punishment for them to claim their property, or claim that they belong to the Syrian Democratic Forces.

Under the headline “Killings without trial and kidnapping,” the organization’s report mentioned the assassination of the Secretary General of the Future Syria Party, Hevrin Khalaf, by the mercenaries of the so-called Ahrar Sharqia terrorists, on the international road M4.