IHD: annual report about human rights violation in Sirnak and Mardin

The Human Rights Association (IHD) Mardin branch has released its annual report about human rights violation for the cities of Mardin and Þirnak. The report states that 3,076 rights violations, including 39 killings carried out by the police and gendarmerie, have taken place in the two cities.

According to the report, 27 armed militants as well as a civilian have died in gunfights; two people died and 16, including four children, were injured in mine and bomb explosions; two people were tortured under custody; 30 people were injured in police attacks in demonstrations. The number of detention was set to 848 and 324 people were remanded in custody. Two people have been claimed to have forcibly disappeared under custody; 586 houses were raided by the police and soldiers; 279 people were sued because of expressing their opinions.

The report also stated that that one mass grave was opened and four bodies were recovered. The bodies of five guerrillas were not given to their families.

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