The report on police violence in Ankara: 1,436 people taken into custody in 9 months

The report on police violence in Ankara included detention, arrest, disappearance and abduction, as well as violations of demonstration and freedom of expression.

According to the report, in the first nine months of 2019, “1,436 people were taken into custody, 3 people were remanded into custody, 3 people were tortured while in custody.”

The report added: “At least 3 people were wounded by plastic bullets. One person was subjected to psychological violence. A child was beaten and subjected to violence.

While trying to kidnap one person, 7 people were actually abducted and went missing. Four of them where subesequently found while 3 people are still missing. 134 people were subjected to physical violence and beaten. 5 people suffered serious injuries while in custody. Two people who participated in the protests were sacked after the police talked to their workplace.”

The report also highlighted the obstacles to freedom of thought and expression. “In all press conferences and statements, people are faced with the violence of the police and the right of journalists who want to report the protests is being violated. People are subjected to physical and psychological violence in a way that damages their phisycal and psychological integrity.”

The report listed the following requests:

“* In Ankara, all prohibitions on peaceful demonstration and assembly should be abolished and public gathering areas should be reopened to the public. The mobile station established on Yüksel Street should be abolished.

  • An investigation should be initiated against the police officers who use violence during the demonstrations, gathering and press conferences/statements and criminal procedures should be implemented while the impunity policy should be abandoned.
  • Abuse of police should be prevented, police should be prevented from performing acts that prevent rights and freedoms of people.
  • The acts of arbitrary stopping by the police and various security units should be eliminated.
  • Law No. 6713 on the Establishment of Law Enforcement Oversight Commission entered into force in 2016 and the regulation of the commission established in Article 3 of the law was prepared. This commission should work effectively about the rights violations made by the law enforcement agency. The commission should act on the received complaints and open investigations regarding the law enforcement determining the various responsibility.”